Online coaching

Expert coaching and customized programming, wherever you lift.

Why online?


Online coaching offers a compelling package: regular review of lift technique by expert strength coaches — all while doing your workouts at your regular gym.

It is hard to overstate the value of in person coaching. However, it can sometimes be a challenge to make time in the day for an in person visit. Online coaching gives lifters another option for steady guidance in their training.

Online Coaching


Bay Strength’s Online Coaching features:

  • Weekly video review of all major barbell lifts, with more frequent review as deemed necessary by your coach
  • Customized programming delivered via TrueCoach
  • Discounted in person training sessions ($120 rather than $135 for 90 minute training sessions, 11% savings)

Our online coaching is $160/mo, no minimum commitment. Clients must begin with the Learn to Lift intro package.

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I came to Katherine as a brand new lifter looking to improve my overall fitness in preparation for a 2,500 mile off-road motorcycle race.

She’s super encouraging, and truly excited about lifting! I really appreciate her ability to demystify entire strength training experience–from how the mechanics of individual lifts work to gym culture.

I’m amazed at how I’ve not only gotten significantly stronger in the few months I’ve been working with her, but my stamina has improved dramatically as well. I am so thrilled to have her in my corner!


Kelly is an awesome trainer!

I have had roughly 2 months of training with her (twice-a-week), and I already feel stronger and healthier. She is really passionate about what she does, which makes her a ton of fun to work with.

Kelly is highly knowledgeable about aspects of health outside of exercise: we often talk about diet, and she’s helped me be more aware of my eating choices. She also recommends great books and apps that have really helped me be a healthier person too.

I never used to look forward to going to the gym, until I started training with Kelly!


I drove just shy of 100 miles to meet Jeremy for a personal training session. It was well worth the time and money. He was able to notice and correct my form flaws, and provide correction in a way that helped immediately.

Jeremy is very professional, he knows his craft and is capable of teaching in a way that even I could grasp. He is personable, sincere and really wants to make you better. He never once made me feel rushed for time, he wanted me to leave with the confidence that I knew the lifts properly.


Gwyn is an awesome coach: kind and supportive, but also rigorous about correct form. She is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and has a plan in mind for both coaching sessions and the ones on my own. I look forward to going to the gym – and cannot believe I’m saying that!

I wish I had known about weight-lifting years ago. I never thought it applied to someone like me. So wrong. Just doing things around the house is easier. Lifting airplane luggage into the overhead compartment – magically lighter. General body wellbeing better. Thanks, Gwyn!