Bay Strength Values

  • We believe that gyms should be affirming, safe, and welcoming places.
  • We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
  • We believe in the transformative power of strength for all people.

Lifter Rights and Responsibilities


  • To feel safe.
  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To have your comments and concerns heard.
  • To have your accessibility needs addressed to the extent that we can.
  • To express yourself comfortably and truly.


  • To be fair, considerate and honest to the best of your ability when interacting with all.
  • To respect each other’s right to bodily autonomy.
  • To use each person’s stated pronouns.
  • To communicate any needs or problems clearly.
  • To refrain from negative talk about food and bodies.
  • To maintain Bay Strength as a safe, affirming, and welcoming space.

Coaches may ask a member to leave a particular class or to not train at the gym at all until a meeting of the coaching staff occurs to review the situation if:

  • There is a risk of intentional physical harm.
  • There is a sexual assault or sexual harassment.
  • There is a serious disruption of the teaching environment, which would make it hard for training to continue.


If you feel unsafe at Bay Strength, have a suggestion for us on how we can improve in an area, or have any other concerns, please use the contact form below. You can also talk to one of us in person if you wish.

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