Strength Class Enrollment

Congratulations on your decision to sign up for Bay Strength’s Strength Class. The goal of the class is to guide you as efficiently as possible through your training by providing ongoing technique coaching and customized programming.

Please carefully read through the below class rules as well as payment terms, then complete your signup by completing the payment field at the bottom of the page. Submission of payment constitutes agreement to all class rules and terms and conditions listed below. Failure to follow the class rules may result in termination of class membership, at the coach’s discretion.


Class Rules


  • Arrive on time to class. There will be several trainees for each lifting rack, and all trainees in their group must complete the first exercise of the day before the group can move onto the next lift. Punctuality will be important to ensure that everyone is able to complete their training session in the class time.
  • Wear appropriate attire. Appropriate attire is important for hygiene and everyone’s training experience. This means first and foremost that trainees must wear either long pants or shorts with knee-high socks. Barbells tend to scrape the shins in the power clean and the deadlift, and nobody wants to lift a barbell with someone else’s blood on it. Please respect the equipment and other trainees by wearing the appropriate clothing.
  • Lifting equipment. Lifters must purchase and wear weightlifting shoes. They are a necessary piece of equipment, as they provide a stable surface for the lifter. They can be purchased online from a number of sites. Sports Basement’s location on Milvia St. in Berkeley carries them as well. A good pair of shoes should last 5 or more years. A lifting belt is optional but highly recommended. High quality belts can be purchased from Rogue Fitness,, and Best Belts. Finally, please bring a small hand towel with you to class.
  • Treat fellow trainees with respect. Treat all your fellow trainees with the respect with which you would want to be treated. Even better, encourage them during class. Barbell training is hard work, and it proceeds better when your peers are helping to motivate you.


Terms & Conditions


  • Bay Strength will use its best efforts to assist trainees in obtaining their maximum potential through strength training.
  • The trainee understands that Bay Strength is providing a service where two way communication is essential to the effective coaching of the trainee, and the trainee agrees to communicate his/her needs and/or problems.
  • The trainee can cancel his or her membership at any time by providing written notice 14 days prior to his/her billing cycle.
  • No refunds will be given for tuition paid for the Strength Class.
  • This agreement may be cancelled in case of death, disability, or if Bay Strength ceases operation at the location where you entered into this contract. You must prove disability by a doctor’s certificate, which shall be enclosed with the written notice of disability sent to Bay Strength.
  • The trainee agrees unconditionally to pay the tuition without regard to the attendance made or classes missed including costs associated with payment collection. In the event of a breach of this agreement, the trainee shall be liable for all fees and costs incurred in the collection of any unpaid balances.
  • Bay Strength will close for national holidays as well as between December 23rd and January 1st. No classes will be held on these days.

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