Sustaining Memberships

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Accessible Training

Strength training is a transformative, healing, powerful activity that is best conducted in a supportive environment with experienced and thoughtful coaches.

Beginning in 2022, we will offer needs-based Sliding Scale options. We acknowledge that a gym membership is inaccessible to many, and want to work with our community to lower barriers to the essential and valuable human experiences we get to enjoy as Members of Bay Strength: support, strength, community, physical movement.

If you would like to support this effort, please consider becoming a Sustaining Member of Bay Strength. Sustaining members contribute a monthly amount that goes to supporting the membership costs of those who need it.

Our sustainer program is not only funded voluntary contributions like these. But, the more contributions we receive, the more sliding scale memberships we can extend to those who need them.

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Sustaining Membership Plans

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