Become a Bay Strength lifter

You have a friend at Bay Strength who wants to help you become stronger.

You have a friend who has given you $100 at Bay Strength.

They think you would enjoy and benefit from getting strong the same way they have.

Strength is the most important physical attribute we posses. Strong people are healthier. They live longer, and can DO more.

Strength builds confidence, gives you an edge, and is useful, every day.

What we do at Bay Strength is quite simple: we make you stronger.

Your friend has given you $100 towards our two session Learn to Lift package. We will teach you the lifts you need to become a stronger and better you.

After, you will be qualified to join our group training classes where you can join your friend in becoming stronger in a positive and supportive environment, and make new friends while doing so.

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Training with friends