A weightlifting belt is an essential piece of equipment!

A belt used properly will add stability and safety to the spine and torso of the lifter. It is common gym mythology that a lifting belt allows the lifters core to disengage but this could not be further from the truth.  The belt actually increases the lifters ability to contract the musculature of the core by providing tactile feedback around the waist.

However, with that being said a belt does not make you a better lifter; meaning if you already have bad form the belt will just help you contract harder in the bad position. Therefore, it’s not recommended the lifter begins using a belt until they gain some strength and have learned to brace the muscles of the abs and back in the proper position.

There are many belts on the market but only a few that are actually useful. Unfortunately, belts sold in most athletic stores are not appropriate. Most of the time they are made of nylon and Velcro. Nylon belts are too flexible and do not provide optimal feedback to the torso. Velcro belts have been known to pop open while lifting. Online is the best place to buy a high-quality belt that will last.  

It is critical the belt is the appropriate size and shape. Belts should be made of leather, and be the same width for the entire length of the belt. The belt should be as wide as possible but not so wide it interfere with the extension of the low back.

For most lifters, this will be a 3” belt. However, taller lifters may need a 4” belt, and shorter lifters may need 2.5” belt. Additionally, some lifter may choose to use a larger 3” or 4” belt for squat and overhead press and a smaller 2.5” or 2” inch belt for bench press and deadlift. The thickness of the belt should be between 8-10mm. Both single prong and lever belt work well. Here are some belts we recommend.

Dominion Strength TrainingDominion Strength Training

3″ Wide X 10mm Thick
Cost: $49.95
Arrives in two days

Why we like it:
Fits most lifters. very affordable

Bob's BeltsBob’s Belts

3”, 3.5” & 4” Wide X 10mm Thick
Cost: $144 – $155

Why we like it:
Custom sized to exact waist measurement
Comes in a variety of colors
Optional embroidery of name or logo



Best BeltsBest Belts

2.5”, 3” & 4” Wide X 8-10mm Thick
Cost: $99.99 – $109.99
Arrives in 5 – 9 Weeks

Why we like it:
Custom sized to exact waist measurement
Comes in a variety of colors


Elite FTSEliteFTS

2″, 4″ Wide x 6.5-13mm Thick
Cost: $55 – $115
Arrives in 1 – 2 weeks

Available in 2″ width (look for “bench belt”)