Dear Bay Strength Lifters:

We are thrilled that you have chosen to make getting stronger a priority in your life and so happy you choose Bay Strength to help get you there. Now we want to challenge you to take it to the next level! Everyone knows what you eat plays a huge role in strength training and overall health, but not many people actually keep track of what they are eating and how it is affecting them. This brings us to our challenge: A Month of Macros! Your Bay Strength coaches are challenging you to track your Macros (protein, carbs & fats) every day for the entire month of February. This is not a diet or weight loss challenge, but rather an opportunity to get the most out of your training, learn about proper nutrition, and improve your health, all while getting support from your coaches and teammates.

Here are the details of the challenge.

  1. Email your coach to sign up, and we will give you your macronutrient guidelines. Everyone’s will be a little different based on your training!
  2. Download the Myfitnesspal app and set your goals to the macros you are given. We will post a video to the Bay Strength Facebook group with instructions on how to set up your Myfitnesspal account.
  3. Friend your coach on Myfitnesspal so she or he has access to your food log. Accountability is helpful!
  4. Log everything you eat and drink for the entire month of February. For this you will need a food scale. Any one will do! They’re available cheaply at any Target or kitchen store.
  5. Have fun! Macros are like a puzzle. First you’ll just be getting used to keeping track of everything, but eventually finding that perfect snack that lets you hit your numbers exactly can be really satisfying. This isn’t about food shame, good vs bad foods, or limiting what you consume. It’s really all about proper fueling, and we are here to help you keep that in mind.

We, your coaches, will also be tracking our food. You can be friends on Myfitnesspal with just your coach, or you can friend the other coaches and your teammates, and share the experience a bit more. Although we are going to give everyone a target for their macros, the most important thing is to consistently track what you are eating.

A new post on the blog, by Coach Jeremy, covers the finer points of macronutrients and why it is important to track them. In addition to that general info, over the course of the month we will be posting recipes and tips on the Bay Strength Community Facebook group, as well as answering any questions that might come up along the way. We’re so excited to get started with you on February 1st!