Hello friends.

We would like to publicly acknowledge a change in our professional accreditation. As of October, 2018, our four coaches (Katherine Bickford, Gwyn Brookes, Kelly Bryant, and Jeremy Tully) no longer hold the Starting Strength Coach credential.

We decided to part ways when it became apparent that our values, both individually and as Bay Strength, had diverged significantly from those of The Aasgaard Company and Starting Strength.

We are grateful for our time as Starting Strength Coaches and wish well for everyone involved with the brand and organization.

We would like to reaffirm our shared values, which are what brought the four of us together under one roof. They will continue to be what hold us together, direct our decisions, and drive us forward. Our values include the following core tenets:

We believe that every person can be a strength athlete.
We believe every person has a right to bodily autonomy.
We believe women.
We believe that Black Lives Matter.
We believe that people of all genders have a right to the language and bathroom of their choosing.
We believe that a person’s value does not correlate with their proximity to manliness.
We believe every person has a right to set boundaries, and have those boundaries respected.
We believe that gyms should be affirming, safe, and welcoming places.
We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
We believe in the transformative power of strength for all people.

Thank you for reading.

With love,

your Bay Strength coaches.